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Artist’s Statement

Having spent over 10,000 hours playing the cello, I left classical music with remorse for what could have been. In the shadows of my post-mortem dreams, I create non-linear narratives to eliminate feelings of Right/Wrong. Reopening traumas by using the cello freed of former conditions has influenced my works of video, sound, and installation.

Returning to sound from a digital perspective, I am questioning my limited knowledge of music through a process of unlearning. I use an evolving catalog of audio and video field recordings as a media bank to resynthesize vignettes of the digitally processed, yet analog world. Accumulating data in a form of digitalized memories intrigues my practice of feeling data. Rules and instructions had previously guided my direction as a musician. I am reclaiming my canvas as a non-singular practice, where I can contribute my voice to a greater cultural discussion.

My practice flows between the analog and digital worlds. Analog resembles the body, rendered in my practice as performance and installation. The Digital contains a complex web of binary operations designed into softwares which I use in my sound and video based works. There is a natural duality that persists in my perception due to preconditioned standards. Analog/Digital, Black/White, Wrong/Right - I investigate and then distort these dualities.